Sunday, 28 June 2020


Many of the commoner birds have now finished their nesting seasons and the youngsters are being fed in our garden, always a delight watching them

Wren youngster

Wren youngster
Young Coal Tit

Juvenile Robin

Young Coal Tit being fed

Juvenile Robin

Saturday, 13 June 2020

A few more from home

In the recent couple of weeks I have been spending some time crawling around in the long grass and vegetation searching for any bugs I may come across. Lots of insects including caterpillars, beetles, flies ,bees and dragon and damselflies, you never know what you might find to focus the macro lens on. Here are some of the insects found so far.
Cardinal Beetle

Thick Legged Flower Beetle on Foxglove

Yellow Dung Fly

Dung Fly with prey


Scorpion Fly on Fern

Early ? Bumblebee

Peacock Caterpillars

Peacock Caterpillars

Drinker Moth Caterpillar

Blue Tailed Damselfly ( I think)

Male Broad Bodied Chaser

Male Broad Bodied Chaser

Female Broad Bodied Chaser

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Crab Spider

May 2020.

I was quite excited when I came across this Crab Spider among the Daisies in our field, and I spent some time watching and photographing it. It was lying in ambush, blending in with the white petals as this unsuspecting fly came closer and closer until bam, it was in the spiders clutches.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Long Tailed Tits.

Still in lockdown but I was lucky to find a pair of Long Tailed Tits nesting in a Gorse bush in the fields next to our house. I spent a lot of time just watching them come and go with beakfulls of insects and spiders to feed their hungry young. Thankfully the chicks fledged successfully.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Some lockdown Insects from the garden & field .

My daily walks around our garden and field is starting to produce lots of insect life now , with Butterflies on the wing and many Bees and other Insects visiting the flowers, and the odd Spider as well. Each day I find something new.
Green Veined White

Male Orange Tip on Herb Robert

Red Admiral

Speckled Wood on forget-me-not

Speckled Wood on Marsh Marigold

Tree Bumblebee

Dock Bugs

Bee Fly

Bee Fly

Honey Bee and Bluebell

Bee sp on Daisy
Green Orb Weaver Spider on Camellia

Rove Beetle

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Some Lockdown birds from the garden and field

We haven't left our home in the last few weeks except for walks around the village and the lanes and fields next to our home. We are very lucky to live where we do and having a garden and field ( an area of which I have kept for wildlife with a pond and small areas of bramble and trees and rough grass etc). Birds are now nesting with Chiffchaff, Blackcap and Yellowhammers singing daily alongside the commoner residents. The first damselflies and dragonflies are just emerging and all the wildflowers are putting on a super display this year which in turn attract butterflies and other insects.
So although we would dearly love to go and look at the sea, or take a drive out to the moors we are staying put and enjoying what is on our doorstep. Here are a few of the commoner birds so far photographed.
Blue Tit at pool

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Male Chaffinch

Great Tit

Robin preening

Robin sunning itself


Robin with food for its young