Thursday, 26 May 2011


This Cockchafer or Maybug was lying upside down on our kitchen floor one morning, now I,m not really one for moving insects to a better location just to photograph them, preferring to take them where I find them,but this was an exception to the rule as I was probably saving its life in the process(dont suppose they live long though).so I got my macro lens ready and placed it on a granite trough outside, and managed a few pics before it flew off..
There're are'nt many critters that I'm afraid of as long as I can see them,but these Maybugs always have me hiding under the duvet on warm early summer nights when the come in through the open bedroom window and buzz very loudly and very rapidly around the room before suddenly going silent and dropping from the sky,once when with my ex wife ,one was dive bombing around the room, and I was hiding away as usual,and I thought the coast was clear and drifted off to sleep,only to be wakened by something feeling its way up the inside of my groin,It was'nt my birthday and I was sure the anniversary was months away , so I pulled back the bedclothes to find this creature getting way too close  for comfort.  I guess this may be where the name Cockchafer comes from..

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