Sunday, 25 August 2013

An afternoon at Davidstow

Managed to escape for a couple of hours and headed for Davidstow airfield in the hope of an early wader or two.A few Ringed Plover and Dunlin were soon located but little else untill I found a single Golden Plover which I was slowly getting closer to when a man and his dog walked straight between me and the bird ,making it fly further away, again I took my time and got within photographic range and reeled off a few shots when the same man and dog came back and did it again, all that space,(good job it was'nt something rare)he then came over and told me he was a retired spy and used to use gear like mine on covert operations.I thought not much of a spy if he could,nt see the bird I was trying to photograph.
Ah,the joys of another autumn on the airfield to look forward too.
Golden Plover-Davidstow


Pied Wagtail-Davidstow.



  1. Love the Linnet and Golden Plover images grat stuff.

  2. Good selection Dibs, must get myself up there sometime!