Saturday, 13 September 2014

Common Dolphins ( Delphinus delphis)

Dolphins must be one of the  animals that people have near the top of thier wish lists to see, and I,m no different, only having seen them distantly from the shore before now, so the chance to go out and see them close up and hopefully get a few photos was too good to miss, setting off from Padstow we headed west and eventually came across a pod of over twenty Common Dolphins which came beside & around the boat giving fantastic views, i loved it, and took lots of photos ,(even with them being so close photography was'nt easy as you could never tell where they were going to surface , and they can be pretty quick)but to be honest just the experience of it all would have been enough.

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  1. Always a thrill, they were still there yesterday and we had them on the seal survey on thursday along with some Risso's dolphins.
    What a summer!