Sunday, 24 May 2015

Spain April 2015- other birds photographed

A selection of other species of bird photographed in Spain, mostly just record shots but nice to see all the same.
Bee Eaters part of a flock of sixty plus birds

Bee Eater a bit distant but you have to try

Black Redstart- common around the hotel

Bonelli's Warbler,watched in the same site daily near the hotel

Booted Eagle-the only one seen

Cuckoo mobbed by a Chaffinch- Cuckoos seen or heard every day.

Lark ,Crested I think

Montagues Harrier-Four seen but always distant

Nightingale-in good voice

Raven-First on the scene before the Vultures and Kites.

Rock Bunting-A first for me

Serin-In the hotel ground but could I get a decent photo?

Probably a Short Toed Treecreeper

Spanish Sparrow-nesting in the bottom of a White Storks nest

Spotless Starling

Stonechat with nesting material

White Stork in flight

White Stork pair at nest

Woodchat Shrike,quite common but couldn't get close
Red Rumped Swallow- Small numbers around the hotel along with Barn Swallows ,House Martins and Crag Martins.

Woodlark,nice to happen upon one of these.

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