Saturday, 27 February 2016

Walmsley (again)

15th Febuary.
I spent a nice sunny afternoon at Walmsley CBWPS reserve watching the birdlife come and go and meeting one or two other people while I was there, nice to see the Spoonbill still here, although still fairly distant.
Spoonbill flying in

Spoonbill landing

Preening Spoonbill

Black Tailed Godwits


Grey Heron on the lookout

 Grumpy Canada's

Mute Swans coming together


Feeling a little frisky

Feeling a little bit more frisky

Getting excited

No stopping him now

Swan sex

A good wash to finish
The resident Mute Swan pair were getting rather frisky and I got a few nice shots of them courting and mating.

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