Sunday, 12 February 2017

A Day off

10th Febuary 2017
First day out for a while , but where to go,? ,did,nt want to drive too far, so opted for Walmsley then onto Porth resevior and finally onto the Gannel estuary at Newquay. It started out overcast but Walmsley was thronging with birds, and although most were too far away for any decent photos it was still nice to see thousands of Golden Plover and Lapwings, the Plovers particularly spectacular when the flock took flight. Also two (or three?) Spoonbills were typically asleep with their heads and bills tucked away. Onto Porth but no sign of the Iceland Gull which has been here at times. Finally onto Newquay and the Gannel where a number of Cattle Egrets have been coming into roost recently. Luckily a nice chap informed me of where they have been feeding and I managed to catch up with (only one) bird, though very distant.
Golden Plover-Walmsley

Male Shoveller-Walmsley

Sleepy Spoonbills-Walmsley


Little Egret-Gannel



Mediteranean Gull-Gannel

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