Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Pond Life

17th June 2017.

The sun has come out and brought with it the Dragons and Damsels to my pond, the Broad Bodied Chasers are usually the first to put in an appearance, these  have the habit of returning to the same perch, so I have a good chance of photographing them, the male here had the Water Lilies in The background, so I used an aperture of f20 to try and include them to convey a sense of place. The Emperor is our largest resident Dragonfly and another regular on my pond, usually seen patrolling the area in search of a meal. Azure Damselflies are common here, although I still have a little difficulty in separating them from Common Blues without a close view.
Male Broad Bodied Chaser and Water Lilies

A male Emperor taking a rest on a Foxglove

Azure Damselflies mating.


  1. Field trip.. your place?
    Great shots, love the inclusion of the foxglove.