Monday, 16 October 2017

Golden Eagles in Spain

24th September 2017.

A great week with five friends from Cornwall in the Spanish countryside, based in the old town of Bocairent,( not to far from Alicante) for the annual congress of the International Federation of Wildlife Photography.
The highlight of the trip had to be close views of Golden Eagles, seeing them in their natural habitat  like this is  a dream come true for me, and very exciting watching two adults and a juvenile. The juvenile stayed in front of me for fifty minutes  devouring a Rabbit before the female came in and finished off the leftovers (fur and all). Lots of frame filling photos ( a bit too close for my 500mm lens at times), but hey just to watch these magnificent birds would have been enough.

I used my 150mm macro lens for these last two to try and get a little of the environment included

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