Thursday, 3 September 2020


Hopefully Beavers are back to stay after being hunted to extinction in Britain in the 16th centuary.They transform the landscape , building dams,and felling trees and in doing so creating habitats for many other species, and helping alleviate flooding further on down in the valleys.The Beavers featured here were originally escapees from a neighbouring farm and have now increased in numbers. Luckily for me the valley in which they have taken up residence is only about five miles from my home and so I jumped at the chance to go and see them for myself. Great views were had, first when one just appeared on the surface doing a good impression of a floating log, then as it got later and the light beginning to fade another came very close, unaware ( or unworried) of our presence. My main reaction was of how quiet they were, diving and then resurfacing with no sound at all. Awesome.

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