Saturday, 30 January 2016


21st January.Having relations at Dursley in Gloucestershire is handy for me to go to nearby Slimbridge WWT for a day while Joyce and her sister go shopping somewhere. So on a cloudy with some sunny spells Thursday I headed off for the reserve, largely ignoring the collections of wildfowl and heading out for the hides to look to see what wild birds were around. Good numbers of Bewick's Swans were in and I got some nice shots of some standing on the ice with reflections. Also a pair of Scaup and a few White Fronted Geese (with five of the Greenland race alongside them). On the South Lake a free flying Ruddy Shelduck was present. apparently not from the collection but these are always considered an escapee.I always enjoy a day here and if I get a few decent shots than that's a bonus.
Adult and two young Bewick's Swans on the ice

Bewick's Swan preening

Bewick's Swan

Bewick's Swan

Bewick's in flight

Female Pintail

Sparring Moorhens

Ruddy Shelduck

Ruddy Shelduck

White Fronted Geese( and I think the two back Geese may be of the Greenland race?)

The classic Goldfinch on Teasel shot

Long Tailed Tit

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