Saturday, 7 May 2022


It has been the best spring I can remember for Garganey, this small duck has been turning up in quite a few differant locations fairley close to home. Garganey are unique among British Ducks, being a summer visitor, but still a scarce breeder in the U.K.with just over a hundred pairs.These photos are from Walmsley (Cornwall) and Tamar Lakes on the Cornwall/Devon border. Still unable to get close enough to one though.

Tuesday, 15 February 2022

A Cornish nature reserve.

I spent most of a day at Walmsley CBWPS reserve and nearby areas, and a great day it turned out to be, the sun was shining and the wildlife kept on giving, always something to see here. The morning started off with the male Ring Necked Duck alongside the usual Tufties ( albieit a little distant to photograph) ,this North American Duck seems to be getting more of an occurance each winter. All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye an Otter just appeared in front of the hide and continued to hunt for food for some time, it was successfully catching Sticklebacks and other prey from below the surface ( snails?),the best views I've had of an Otter for some years and easily the most prolonged view, and all to myself for a lot of the time as well. I would have been happy with this but then eleven Glossy Ibis flew over , circled and landed not far awy, another species that seems to be visiting in increasing numbers each year ( I remember driving miles to see one a few years ago). and finally later on in the day I had the pleasure of watching the beautiful Barn Owl hunting over the marshes, what a fantastic bird and a real privalage to watch. I didn't see the Bittern thats been around for a while but hey thats a good excuse to return ( if I really needed one). Days like these make it all worthwhile.

Friday, 11 February 2022

Tundra Bean Geese.

Made the effort to drive over to Tamar Lakes to find the three Tundra Bean Geese that have been associating with the resident Canada's recently, soon found them feeding in a lakeside field. Quite a rare bird down here and only my third sighting ( although all small groups of birds).Not the best photo opportunity but you get what you can.

Monday, 7 February 2022

Young Mute Swan.

You usually know when you visit wetland habitats ,that if the more uncommon species fail to show as well as you had hoped, at least there will be some of the more familiar birds to fall back on such as the graceful and majastic Mute Swan. This is one of the immature birds that been in residence since last year, lit by the late afternoon sunshine.

Saturday, 29 January 2022

East Prawle & Slapton.

Early January and took the drive across a very frosty Dartmoor to eventually arrive at East Prawle on the south Devon coast, my target to try and catch up with the American Buff Bellied Pipit which had been happily calling the beach here home for the past couple of weeks. A species I,d missed in Cornwall on two previous occasions. ( but to be honest I had to make an effort to go and see what is essentially a rather non descript liitle bird even though it is a lifer). A lovely sunny day and the added incentive of hopefully seeing some Cirl Buntings which are doing very well here. I then took the short drive to Slapton wher with luck the Snow Bunting would still be around.( though easily found as it was feeding on the beach surrounded by four photographers!)

Sunday, 16 January 2022


At the end of 2021 this large flock of Bramblings (400 +) were found feeding on seed in set aside fields not too far from home. Easily the most I,ve seen at the same time.