Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Great Spotted Woodpecker

A common enough bird I know, and seen at my bird feeders almost daily, but I still get a little tinge of excitement when I see them, probably because they are differant to all the other visitors, also they are quite predatory, I've seen them take Blue TIt nestlings from a box and wait for the local Nuthatch parents to leave the nesthole and try to break into the nest ( unsuccessfully thankfully, the Nuthatches were'nt far away and went into attack mode), but thats the way nature is. This female perched on a tree trunk in front of my hide ( a shed with some camo netting over the doorway) and preened in the afternoon light giving me the chance for some nice photos

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Red Breasted Flycatcher

This super male Red Breasted Flycatcher was recently found in the churchyard of St.Wynwallow at Church Cove on the Lizard in Cornwall. Only the third I've seen and the first male. They breed in Eastern Europe and winter in South and West Asia, a few turn up in the U.K each year.