Thursday, 21 May 2020

Long Tailed Tits.

Still in lockdown but I was lucky to find a pair of Long Tailed Tits nesting in a Gorse bush in the fields next to our house. I spent a lot of time just watching them come and go with beakfulls of insects and spiders to feed their hungry young. Thankfully the chicks fledged successfully.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Some lockdown Insects from the garden & field .

My daily walks around our garden and field is starting to produce lots of insect life now , with Butterflies on the wing and many Bees and other Insects visiting the flowers, and the odd Spider as well. Each day I find something new.
Green Veined White

Male Orange Tip on Herb Robert

Red Admiral

Speckled Wood on forget-me-not

Speckled Wood on Marsh Marigold

Tree Bumblebee

Dock Bugs

Bee Fly

Bee Fly

Honey Bee and Bluebell

Bee sp on Daisy
Green Orb Weaver Spider on Camellia

Rove Beetle