Sunday, 19 August 2012

A few recent photos of Insects & Spiders.

Small Red Damselflies at Goss Moor.

Emerald Damselfly at Goss Moor

Tube Web Spider species at Goss Moor.
Common Blue Damselfly taken at Roadford Lake.

Cranefly at Roadford Lake- these are everywhere but not east to get a half decent photo.

Marbled White taken at Roadford Lake-always nice to see.

Meadow Brown at Roadford

Spider eating a Blue Damselfly taken at Roadford.
A pair of lovely Brimstone Butterflies spent a while in our wild flower border.

Green Orb Spider taken in our hedge.

Caterpiller of the Angle Shades Moth (I think) taken in the garden

Soldier Beetle, very common.
Bad weather and work have curtailed my photography in recent weeks, but on the few good days when i've been able to get out and about I have managed to find a few critters to photograph.A trip to Goss Moor with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust photographic group was a nice day out and  the few sunny evenings we have had I've been in the garden or at Roadford resevoir where I've been crawling around in the undergrowth hoping to find one or two good subjects to photograph.