Thursday, 25 August 2011


Looking aroud the garden searching for some sort of bug life to photograph I noticed the number of Wasps flying around,not having any decent photos of these poor misunderstood insects I looked more closely and noticed they were loving the Cornflowers,in fact they were pretty well unaware of any thing else going on around them ,so I got out the camera & tripod and sat among them for a while and watched them going about there waspish lives.Toby thought I'd really lost the plot this time and could'nt understand why I was.nt getting stung,I managed a few niceish close up shots and quite enjoyed the experience.Ironically while I was sat outside among the Wasps Joyce was indoors reading when she got stung on the arm by one, somehow she did'nt see the funny side.
Now it must be the time to find some good waders at Davidstow,I.m getting to feel like I need a bird fix,it seems like ages since I,ve seen and photographed anything much.Probably it will be the same story as other autumnes,Ill go out there regularly (Ive been a couple of times already and nothing) and the very day I dont go someone else will find that Buff-Brest or Bairds or Pec or who knows what.The weather looks pretty promising today ,maybe leave work early...

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Purple Hairstreaks

Female Purple Hairstreak

Purple Hairstreak underside.
o.k. I know they are 'nt the best of shots,and very heavily cropped, but I was dead excited to find a small colony of Purple Hairstreak Butterflies at a local woodland nature reserve. I ve not seen them before so had to try and get a couple of record shots ( a long lens, hand held looking up into the tree ) If we get another sunny evening soon I'll go have another look.