Wednesday, 5 February 2014




Buzzard chasing its lunch.
A morning of just a few showers and even some sunshine was just what was needed to get out and see what I could find, I decided on a drive over to Siblyback and set off,only to get about a mile down the road when I noticed this Buzzard in a local horse paddock fairly close to the gateway, I pulled over and took some shots from the car,then pulled into the gateway thinking that it was bound to fly off as Buzzards do, but no, a few more shots and it was taking no notice, I then got out of the car and leant my 500mm lens on the fencepost, and he came closer, totally absorbed in catching worms and making short dashes in pursuit of invertabrates, allowing for some nice shots.I stayed for about forty five minutes before he eventually flew up onto a post. I was quite cold so went home and had a cuppa.Siblyback will have to wait for another day

Sunday, 2 February 2014

At last 2014 gets started

The weather has pretty well put paid to any chance of  days out photographing wildlife lately, just finding stuff has not been easy, went to look for the Green Winged Teal at Bude a couple of weeks ago with no luck, and have,nt even seen a Fieldfare yet this year, but today I did refind the two Great Northern Divers at Roadford and spent an hour or so trying to get a decent shot,though a little further away than I would have liked.
And a
Great Northern Diver -Roadford

Great Northern Diver-Roadford

Blue Tit at my garden feeding station

Fungi at Roadford

Shag in Looe harbour

Grey Heron-Bude marshes
few other pics I have managed to get on the days the rain let up.