Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Some Summer Butterflies

Small Tortoisehell- On our hedge

Large Skipper-same Hedge

Green Veined White -Lots of Butterflies in the area of field I've left in rough grass.

Ringlets mating -taken on Laneast downs.

Small Heath-Laneast downs.

Peacock caterpillers on the patch of Nettles I kept for just this purpose.
The recent sunny weather has certainly seen lots of Butterflies on the wing (a bit differant to last summer), I,ve been trying to get one or two decent shots. A few of those I,ve caught up with so far.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Pond Life

The new pond has been proving very attractive to Dragonflys and Damselflys with Emporors and Broad Bodied Chasers always present as well as lots of Common Blue and Blue Tailed Damsels.Loving it.
Male Broad Bodied Chaser

Emporor ovipositing

Emporor ovipositing

Common Bluue Damselflys

Blue Tailed Damsel (I think)

Monday, 22 July 2013


A couple of weeks ago Joyce & I spent a hot summers day walking around Trevose Head, I was armed with the 500mm  as well as the macro, ready for whatever may turn up,but it was fairly quiet, but for the usual Gulls and Shags and those annoying little Stonechats that always seem to fly just out of range each time you get near enough to them.A nice day in beautiful scenery,but it was'nt untill after

Herring Gull

Corn Bunting

Singing Skylark
I'd lugged all my gear around that a very obliging Corn Bunting and Skylark were photographed from the car on the way out.

Sunday, 14 July 2013


A week with friends in sunny Menorca was a nice break for us, though not a birding or photographic trip,its pretty well understood that I will sneak off with my camera to see what I can find. My trusty 100-400 lens is always with me anyway, and I managed to stowaway  the macro lens as well .I researched a few sites before going and planned a day on my own to try and see the Egyptian Vultures ( the only 'lifer' I was likely to get ).I did see a few good species including Audouin's Gulls, Blue Rock Thrush, Tawny Pipit,Thekla Larks,Booted Eagle and those Vultures among others and some nice Dragonflies and other insects.An enjoyable week, with a few photos thrown in.
Audouin's Gull-pretty common around Mahon harbour .One I've not photographed before.

Yellow Legged Gull- Seen daily,common.

Turtle Dove at Es Grau.

Egyptian Vulture.A new bird for me,fairly easy to see at Algender Gorge, but never close enough for a decent photo.

Thekla Lark-Seen in suitale habitat, this one feeding young at Alcalfar.Another bird not photographed before.

Male Blue Rock Thrush.(Or as our friend Maggie described it " A blue velvety bundle of loveliness."!On the rocks behind our flat in Mahon.

Clouded Yellow at Algender Gorge.

Cicada. Thier unique sound is constantly around you.

Red Veined Darter taken at Albufera reserve.

Male Black Tailed Skimmer, again at Albufera.

Egyptian Grasshopper, A large critter that never fails to startle you as it flies up at you feet.

Female Black Tailed Skimmer at Albufera.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Crab Spider

I found this Crab Spider on a Southern Marsh Orchid at Roadford resevoir in Devon.Crab Spiders dont construct a web, but catch thier insect prey by laying in wait among the flowers and ambushing them.
Crab Spider on Orchid

Crab Spider on Orchid


A few weeks ago now I enjoyed a day out at the wonderful wildlife rich habitats that make up Penaldlake with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Photo Group, where I photographed  flowers ( something I dont do enough of and need to improve on ), among other subjects. Here are a one or two photos from the day.
Ragged Robin

Southern Marsh Orchid

White Campion

Speckled Wood

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A couple of Damsels

Two Damselflly photos taken in June .The first was emerging from the pond at home,unsure of the species but probably a Common Blue,and secondly what I think is a female Scarce Blue Tailed Damselfly, a nationally scarce species but found in favoured locations in Cornwall, this one was at Davidstow.
Emergent Damselfly.

Female Scarce Blue Tailed Damselfly.