Sunday, 31 July 2011


Ladybirds mating
Two Grasshoppers
Green Lacewing
Blue Damselfly (unsure of which one )

Oak Marble Gall ,caused by the larva of a species of Oak Gall Wasp
Yellow Bartsia a parasitic plant of Southern England.
An enjoyable day out with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Photo group at the home of Philip Hamley at Penadlake not far from Looe. Great hospitality ( pasties,cream teas,cakes are hard to tear yourself away from) and a wonderful site set up for wildlife ,with lakes ,meadows,& woodland attracting a variety of insects,birds,and wild flowers etc.A real inspiration.Most of my day was taken up with insect photography which I enjoy more & more,a nice day in good company.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Garden House


Beetle No 1

Beetle No 2
Nice gardens & not too formal, I spent most of the afternoon looking for bugs, and found a couple of Beetles but no idea what sort they may be.


Tree Mallow
Herring Gull with Trevose Lighthouse in the background

Grasshopper sp

Skylark over cornfield

Skylark-lots at Trevose

Another weekend out and about

View near Stepper point
Scarlet Pimpernell
Kestrel at Stepper,flew very close directly overhead,photographed right into the sun, I tried to compensate the exposure but think I overdid it a bit,but I quite like it (I think)
A weekend of sunny weather was forecast so the curent Mrs Davey & I made the most of it. On Saturday we went walkabout at Stepper point near Padstow and then onto Trevose Head, and on Sunday visited The Garden House near Buckland Monochorum ( where we enjoyed tea & cake as my birthday treat )