Thursday, 15 September 2011

Greater Yellowlegs & Sabine's Gull

Just could'nt concentrate at work this morning ( sep 13th ) with the news of a Greater Yellowlegs found at Wadebridge on the previous day,so left at lunchtime and went a twitching for what would be a lifer for me,and I think a first for Cornwall..On arriving at the Camel trail was told of a Sabine's Gull flying around at very close range,and a very smart juvinile bird was easily located,now the problem was do I stay with the Sabs and try for some decent photos or do I walk the mile or more for the Yellowlegs first and hope the gull was still around later.,The rareity of the American wader won the day and half an hour later I was looking at the Greater Yellowlegs through the scope on the opposite side of the water,way to far for any photos but had to take one just for the record.Luckily the Sabines Gull was still showing well & I managed a few shots.
A very poor distant record shot of the Greater Yellowlegs

Sabines Gull

Juvinile Sabines Gull
A couple more photos of the Sabines Gull are on my main website.

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  1. I see you got the Greater Legs, I dipped on that. As I stuck my parking ticket on the windscreen I had a call to say it had flown so I went down to Treraven for a couple of hours and had the Sab's, you have got a stunning image of that. I went down to Drift again tonight and had the semi p, Lesser legs, Curlew Sand, Spotted sand, Spotted Redshank, Green sand and John Chapel had two yellow wags all in an hour,