Friday, 6 July 2012

Bears in Finland

Our first  Bear sighting- he was huge.

Walking into the early evening light

Very close-shame about the ear tag though.


Wolverine_stood still briefly

The Wolverine would wait for the Bear to go each time , before nipping in and snatching a piece of meat.
Four intrepid members of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Photographic Group travelled to Finland for the IFWP congress held in Kuhmo..The main target for photography were wild Brown Bear. An overnight stay in a hide proved very successfull for Delia & I , seeing Brown Bear and Wolverine at very close quarters in good light.
Bear in the cotton grass
In the enviorment

Running Bear

Lets Dance

Play fighting

The scratching tree

A better view
Testing the water
The last two days we travelled North to Martinselkonen near the Russian border where we again spent two fourteen hour overnight stints in hides photographing the Bears, it does'nt really get dark at this time of year, so although I had to push the iso up a fair amount I'm pretty pleased with the photos, and anyway to see wild Brown Bears this close was a brilliant experience.Thanks to Adrian L for organising things,Ian for driving & Delia for her good company wheres that mossie bite cream.
More photos on my main website soon..if you have'nt had enough already.


  1. Brings it all back to me again. Super shots and weren't we so lucky to see so many animals.
    We both know that we put in a lot of effort and endured a lot of discomfort but when you see the results it all pales into insignificance.
    I think I want to go back again!

  2. Outstanding, got to be a comp winner amomgst them.