Sunday, 25 March 2018


11th- 16th March 2018.

Mrs D and I have just returned home from a week in the Scottish highlands joining up with son Dan and his good wife Mary and their two young children  Martha and Theo.We were  based in Nethybridge which is in easy reach of all the wildlife hotspots. Although more of a family holiday I of course managed to slip away quite often with my camera, and when on walks together ( usually places I suggested he he) it was a given that I may wander off in a different direction or maybe just hang behind the others. They know me well!. Anyway some fantastic wildlife was seen in some wonderful scenery.
Frozen River ,Findhorn

Red Deer-Findhorn valley

Red deer ( mid chew)-Findhorn valley

Red Deer -Findhorn valley

Red Deer-Findhorn valley

Red Deer calf-Findhorn valley

Red Deer calf-Findhorn valley

Mountain Hare-Findhorn

Mountain Hare-Findhorn

Mountain Hare whiteout-Findhorn

Wild(ish)Goat -Findhorn


Snow Bunting- Cairngorm

Red Grouse-Findhorn


Treecreeper-Loch Garten

Mallards fighting on the ice--Boat of Garten

Mallards on ice-Boat of Garten

Badger-in a field beside the road in the middle of the day.

Red squirrel- Loch an Eilein

Red squirrel-Loch an Eilein

Red squirrel-Loch an Eilein

Red Squirrel-Loch an Eilein

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