Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Hungary, July 2019.


Just one lake near Tizsaalpar produced ten species of Heron, with Grey, Purple, Night and Squacco Herons  seen daily  alongside Great White and Little Egrets, add a couple of Little Bitterns ,one Great Bittern, a few Spoonbills and Glossy Ibis and you can tell what a super fish filled habitat this is. I did get my camera on a few of them.
Grey Heron

Grey Heron

Grey Heron with Catfish 

Grey Heron with catfish

Grey Heron with Catfish

Grey Heron shake

Purple Heron flight

Purple Heron fishing

Purple Heron fishing

Night Heron adult

Night Heron juvenile

Juvenile Night Heron fishing

Three Juvenile Night Herons flying overhead

Squacco Heron in Yellow water Lilies

Squacco Heron take off 1

Squacco Heron take off 2

Squacco Heron

Little Bittern

Little Bittern flight over reedbed

White Stork bill clapping in flight

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