Friday 3 November 2023

Lesser Grey Shrike

We were away for a week 'up country' right at the peak of Octobers 'anything could turn up quite close to home'time. So when a Lesser Grey Shrike was found on Caradon Hill, at Minions near Liskeard , only half an hour from home I thought I,d probably missed out, but thankfully it was still there when we got home, the very next day I popped along to look for it. A lovely sunny day, I searched for an hour with no joy ( although I did find a Black Redstart ).I was told that it had been seen earlier but had been flushed by someone flying their Gyr Falcon around the area !.I thought that was probably it,then on my way back to the car for a coffee, there it was, perched on a stone wall close by, I sat down and it came closer making a number of forays to catch incects in flight.Nice bird, only my second in the U.K.

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