Friday, 7 October 2011

Three Pectoral Sandpipers

Pectoral Sandpiper-Davidstow,October 1st.

Two of the three Pec Sandpipers
On Sat 1st October Joyce & I spent a nice sunny afternoon on the cliffs near Tintagel & on the way home took the obligitory turn towards davidstow for a quick scan of the airfield. The first birds I saw were three waders on the edge of the runway,obviously not the usual Dunlin or Ringed Plover , at first I thought they were Ruff but driving closer I was delighted to find they were Pectoral Sandpipers,my camera was at the ready and I managed a couple of photos,unfortunatly one man and his dog walked within a few feet of them,and although they did'nt flush they moved further away after they had passed ,so I decided early tomorrow may be good to see if they were still around.On arriving home the three Pecs had already been reported on the Cornwall Birding
website two hours before I found them.Does it count as your own find if someone else found has them before you but you did.nt know they had been found?

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  1. cracking images Dibs in a most unusual light for Davidstow ie. not raining or foggy!