Sunday, 16 October 2011

Wryneck-A Superb Bird


Wryneck hunting for ants

Wryneck posing nicely
A couple of hours this afternoon at Davidstow,I could,nt find anything of note on the airfield,so took the usual drive down towards Crowdy where a nice male Sparrowhawk was sitting on a fencepost but flew off before I even got the camera out, so I turned around and noticed a small bird sunning itself on another fencepost & quickly realised it was a Wryneck, I took a few distance shots before stopping opposite it-what a little beauty-and then it flew down onto the grass verge right in front of me and started to feed on ants and perform superbly.Brilliant.I was joined by  friendly chap  Ray from Kilkhampton who was delighted to see this first for him and we photographed it to our hearts content.A few more photos will be in the diary section of my main website soon.


  1. Some people have all the luck eh?
    Great find Dibs and after all your visits to Davidstow you do deserve it.
    I found your Kestrel on Sunday morning so maybe I can find this wryneck on my next day off on Friday.
    Please tell it to stay around!!

  2. It is a great bird is'nt it.It was just across the road from the Kestrels,it may stay around for a few days but, I han'vt had chance to go back.maybe tommorrow.